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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • I have reviewed and agree to the author guidelines and accept the licensing terms.
  • The assignment or activity around which the submission centers has been tested and revised over the course of at least three terms of teaching English 302 at George Mason University.
  • The submitter is the sole author of the abstract and instructor’s notes and the documents (assignments, handouts, etc.) that form the core of the submission OR the submitter has given credit via attribution statement(s) to any prior authors whose work is adapted, revised, or remixed in the core documents AND has written permission from those authors, and from anyone else who holds copyright or other licensing rights in the material, to distribute the preexisting work to the public via the English 302 OER collection. Such permission may be granted either via an existing license attached to the material or via correspondence. If permission to license has been obtained via correspondence, please include a file containing a copy of that correspondence with this submission. If you can no longer identify the author of remixed material beyond knowing that the material came from a member of the English 302 instructor community, please indicate that in your attribution statement.
  • The submitter has attached one of the allowed licenses (CC-BY, CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-SA, or CC-BY-NC-SA) to each of the core documents in the submission.
  • The submitter has ensured that any supporting documents (readings, examples, etc.) created by someone other than the submitter are either in the public domain, and marked as such, or bear a creative commons license issued by the original creator or copyright holder and an attribution statement identifying the original source of the material (including, if applicable, a url).
  • Files containing instructor’s notes or core material are in Microsoft Word or RTF format (or, in the case of multimedia files, in another format that maximizes ease of editing on a variety of platforms). Supporting documents may be in PDF or other formats that are more difficult to edit.
  • Each file uploaded has been given a short title that follows the conventions in the “preparing your submission” document and appears flush left, on the first line of the document, along with the author's last name.
  • Instructor’s notes document and abstract refer to the other files uploaded by their short titles, and include at least a brief description of the function of each of the files.

Author Guidelines

At the current time, the English 302 OER collection accepts submissions from present or past instructors of English 302 at George Mason University. We may in the future accept submissions from instructors of similar courses at other institutions, and welcome correspondence from anyone who falls into that category.

The core documents (assignment prompts, activity instructions, etc.) associated with any item submitted to the collection should be either the original work of the submitter or a substantial adaptation, revision, remix, or other reworking of existing OER (from the 302 OER collection or elsewhere) by the submitter.  Supporting documents (e.g. background/preparatory readings) may be existing OER, as long as the license allows for distribution through the English 302 OER Collection. 

Activities or assignments submitted to the collection should have been tested and revised over the course of at least three terms. 

All components of an item submitted to the collection must carry a Creative Commons license. Abstracts and Instructor's Notes will automatically be assigned a CC-BY license. Other files may carry a variety of licenses depending on their role in the submission. All files that include adaptions or remixes of material by someone other than the submitter must carry an attribution statement giving credit to the author(s) of the preexisting material. Please see Licensing and Attribution Guidelines for detailed information about these subjects.

Please see Preparing Your Submission for detailed instructions.

Privacy Statement

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